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convert into, convert to - Convert into means to change from one thing to another; convert to means to switch allegiance, loyalty, or obligation.
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Global Banking News-May 2, 2016--Summit Bank to convert to Islamic banking operations
The most common reason why people convert to Judaism today, I would guess, is because they want to marry a Jewish spouse.
The Muslim convert, Imad Qidees Sinada, stressed at a press conference on Thursday that Coptic Christians who convert to Islam face huge social pressures, saying that they lose their families and children and could perhaps be killed.
The Sifra instructs the convert to take conversion seriously and be wholeheartedly committed.
Assume this hypothetical example: John Smith has a $250,000 traditional IRA and is eligible to convert to a Roth IRA but does not have funds outside the IRA to pay the resulting tax liability.
He made the improbable decision to convert to Islam in the late 1880s while serving as US Consul in Manila, the Philippines, and dedicated the rest of his life to advocating its cause.
"It turns a lot of us off because it sounds like you're kind of pushing people around, telling them what they need and inviting them to convert to Jesus Christ.
"Whereas Westerners who convert to Islam are very well known--they go on television, are invited by the most popular programs, are presidents of the most famous Muslim associations and have no problems of visibility--we have sought out people who, by the very nature of their experience, have problems in making known what they have experienced, though they are very happy with what has occurred." Here is an excerpt of an interview Paolucci gave to Zenit.
A Christian might convert to Buddhism or a Buddhist to Christianity.
In contrast, the cellulose found in cornstalks and other types of cellulosic biomass contains not only glucose, but also the sugar xylose, which Saccharomyces cannot convert to ethanol because it lacks the enzymes to do so.
meter bills reveals that many buildings should convert to meter billing now for substantial savings on their water bills.