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 (kŏn′vĕks′, kən-vĕks′)
Having a surface or boundary that curves or bulges outward, as the exterior of a sphere.

[Latin convexus; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

con′vex′ly adv.
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Adv.1.convexly - in a convex way; "bulging out convexly"
concavely - in a concave way; "shaped concavely"
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It is worth noting that the nonlinear AC power flow constraints can be convexly relaxed [10].
Thirdly, to distinguish between physiologic variants (1 = sharp lateral angle, 2 = concave bottom, and 3 = smooth inner lining, i.e., coding "0" in Table 1) and pathologic variants (1 = blunt/obtuse lateral angle, 2 = convexly shaped bottom, and 3 = irregular inner lining, i.e., coding "1" in Table 1) of mild ventricular enlargements, for example, caused by asphyxic and/or hemorrhagic events, the shape of the ventricles was evaluated following the criteria (1-3) depicted in Figure 1.
Park, "Retinal nerve fiber layer converges more convexly on normal smaller optic nerve head," Journal of Glaucoma, vol.
The use of debt incurs the risk of bankruptcy that is often described as increasing convexly with the debt ratio.
The model has sleek, removable, hardtop roof panels, weighing less than 6 kg that are convexly moulded to ensure maximum cabin space for the occupants.
Similar to Beine, Docquier, and Ozden (2011, 33-34), we hypothesize that these costs are decreasing convexly in the migrant network, [M.sub.ij], defined as the number of conational migrants already resident in province j.
Our mechanism can be applied to a general resource-demand management problem (when there are many consumers that consume convexly priced resource), but for illustrative purposes we will make use of smart city domain to provide examples.
More precisely, the boundary of the set Im(EC) [sunset or equal to] [R.sup.2] is the union of the images of the stable equilibrium points through EC, and the image of the energy-Casimir mapping is convexly generated by these images.
Similar to d'Aspremont and Jacquemin [26] and Ge (2014), we assume that d(x) is convexly increasing in x and takes the form of
[4] that the investment cost of quality improvement is f([[alpha].sub.[DELTA]]), which is convexly increasing in [[alpha].sub.[DELTA]] and is given by