convict fish

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Noun1.convict fish - greenling with whitish body marked with black bandsconvict fish - greenling with whitish body marked with black bands
greenling - food fish of the northern Pacific
genus Oxylebius, Oxylebius - a genus of Hexagrammidae
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Moltzer) was waiting for the emergence of a Pholidichthys swarm from its burrow and caught on film a shrimp, Periclimenes tenuipes, which apparently was also waiting for the juveniles to emerge, catch and eat a juvenile convict fish. Of the numerous swarms we observed, only once did one of us (EC) witness a serranid, Cephalopholis cyanostigma, watch a large, elongated swarm of juvenile Pholidichthys, then dart into the swarm, catch one fish and eat it.
Eugenie Clark and her current research on the rare convict fish of the South Pacific with "Food Among the Flowers." The evening in the tropically decorated Aquarium Courtyard was as balmy as the South Pacific, too, with gentlemen shedding their jackets before daring to dance to the sounds of Mainstream.