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tr.v. con·vinced, con·vinc·ing, con·vinc·es
1. To cause (someone) by the use of argument or evidence to believe something or to take a course of action. See Synonyms at persuade.
2. Obsolete
a. To prove to be wrong or guilty.
b. To conquer; overpower.

[Latin convincere, to prove wrong : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + vincere, to conquer; see weik-3 in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

con·vince′ment n.
con·vinc′er n.
con·vinc′i·ble adj.
Usage Note: According to a traditional rule, one persuades someone to act but convinces someone of the truth of a statement or proposition: By convincing me that no good could come of staying, he persuaded me to leave. If the distinction is accepted, then convince should not be used with an infinitive: He persuaded (not convinced) me to go. In our 1981 survey, 61 percent of the Usage Panel rejected the use of convince with an infinitive. But the tide of sentiment against the construction has turned. In our 2016 survey, 80 percent accepted it in the sentence I tried to convince him to chip in a few dollars, but he refused. Even in passive constructions, a majority of the Panel accepted convince with an infinitive; the sentence After listening to the teacher's report, the committee was convinced to go ahead with the new reading program was accepted by 59 percent of the Panel. Persuade, on the other hand, is fully standard when used with an infinitive or a that clause, in both active and passive constructions. An overwhelming majority of Panelists as far back as 1996 accepted the sentences After a long discussion with her lawyer, she was persuaded to drop the lawsuit and The President persuaded his advisers that military action was necessary. Some writers may wish to preserve the traditional distinction, but they should bear in mind that most readers are unlikely to notice.
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There were still skeptics in his audience of families on the opening day of the fair, so Meyer revealed "The Convincer," a heavy, 18-inch-long blade he holds in his throat using just esophageal muscles, no hands.
Mowasalat provided practical experiences to the attendees by using its advanced driving simulators, seat belt convincer, fatal vision goggles and other devices related to safe driving.
Mowasalat also provided practical experiences to the attendees using its advanced driving simulators, seatbelt convincer, fatal vision googles and other devices related to safe driving.
Our role as an enterprise with pioneering social responsibility objectives led us to invest and introduce in the UAE the 'Seat Belt Convincer' as part of a nation-wide campaign called 'I am convinced'.
The demonstration consists of sophisticated exhibits such as a 360A roll-over car to display a simulation of head-over collision, and the effectiveness and importance of the seat belt, a seat-belt convincer to explain the risks of driving without a seat belt, tyre tread to deeply understand the essentials of a tyre and a child seat to teach the correct child seats suitable for different age groups.
I knew they wouldn't take my advice, which they didn't, but they did offer full ask--thankfully in cash, which was the convincer."
Selling for 2,100gns was Boclair Avalanche Delight sired by Silveridge Avalanche and bed from an Excellent 92 Shottle, Excellent 91 Talent and then the famous international bull dam Overside Convincer Delight EX93.
Visitors tried out a seatbelt convincer machine which simulated the impact of a slow-speed traffic accident.
CT State Police Traffic Services Unit will be demonstrating the Seatbelt Convincer and Rollover Demonstrator.
Tell your boss that you will be happy to present an in-service lecture to your coworkers upon your return, (a major "convincer" for many department heads).
Visitors will also be able to try the seatbelt convincer device which simulates the impact of a slow-speed traffic accident.