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John Dolittle's friends are convincing because their creator never forces them to desert their own characteristics.
Besides displaying that beauty of virtue which may attract the admiration of mankind, I have attempted to engage a stronger motive to human action in her favour, by convincing men, that their true interest directs them to a pursuit of her.
Now, Susan will try to convince him that Sami and the others finding them will bring them danger, in the hopes that convincing "EJ" they aren't safe in Memphis any longer will convince him that they need to leave town.
Akinola Oluwaleimu, one of the organisers, said: "For the first edition, it was, I must tell you, very challenging convincing the people, trying to introduce what a beer festival should be like.
Santa, from Valley Stream, New York, officially changed his name two years ago so children would find him more convincing.
The survey shows only a third of women back independence - and almost half say they haven't heard a single convincing argument for a Yes vote.
The party asserting that a patent is invalid must prove its case by clear and convincing evidence.
Fifty-five percent of the surveyed Lebanese said that Nasrallah's documents implicating Israel in Hariri's assassination were convincing, according to the poll results.
North East Youth Development Lge IN the NEYDL Under-12 Premier League, KYPC Cobras enjoyed a convincing 7-2 win over Haydon Bridge United.
Bouchareb presents a convincing case with his conventional film.
However, the implications Brant draws from her insights are not totally convincing.
The Lands and Burge asserted that prejudicial errors had taken place during the trial; Liberty Mutual claimed the trial court erred in charging the jury that an IFPA violation must meet the standard of clear and convincing evidence.