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John Dolittle's friends are convincing because their creator never forces them to desert their own characteristics.
Besides displaying that beauty of virtue which may attract the admiration of mankind, I have attempted to engage a stronger motive to human action in her favour, by convincing men, that their true interest directs them to a pursuit of her.
That experience would help a lot in convincing the foreigner players to make themselves available for the fifth edition.
population reported a current sesame allergy and met symptom-report criteria for convincing immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated allergy, respectively.
While recognizing the importance of the accusations made by dismissed policeman Eduardo Acierto linking President Rodrigo Duterte's former economic adviser, Michael Yang, to illegal drugs, Senator Panfilo Lacson on Tuesday said photographs are not 'convincing' enough to support the ex-cop's claims.
It's extremely convincing, replete with a phone number, stuff like that.
She said, 'Convincing the voters is the right of all the political candidates but what matters is only the work they do practically for the welfare of masses not the tall claims mentioned in their party's manifestos.'
Now, Susan will try to convince him that Sami and the others finding them will bring them danger, in the hopes that convincing "EJ" they aren't safe in Memphis any longer will convince him that they need to leave town. However, though he has told everyone they are wrong and he is not Will, there have been things that may have already filtered into his psyche and started to make him wonder if he is who they say.
Akinola Oluwaleimu, one of the organisers, said: "For the first edition, it was, I must tell you, very challenging convincing the people, trying to introduce what a beer festival should be like.
Santa, from Valley Stream, New York, officially changed his name two years ago so children would find him more convincing. His original name is unknown.
The survey shows only a third of women back independence - and almost half say they haven't heard a single convincing argument for a Yes vote.
But several of them have their eyes on a different prize: convincing voters to support putting dollars aside for water projects.