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Noun1.convincingness - the power of argument or evidence to cause belief
persuasiveness, strength - the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty; "the strength of his argument settled the matter"
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"It's my property," the latter asserted with an air of legal convincingness.
It almost seemed to the captain that the blissful moment had already arrived, such was the persuasive convincingness of McCoy.
The best are most impressive for their illusionistic convincingness, a technical achievement that recalls Marilyn Levine's astonishing 'leather' goods.
In addition, to enhance the convincingness of the above results, we have also used the previous constructed overexpressing vectors pcDNA3.1-Snail [10] and found that reexpression of Snail could partly recover the process of EMT that had been inhibited by JPJD (Figure 4(c), Supplementary Figure 5).
at 691-92 (describing the burden of persuasion as having two components: the risk of non-persuasion, or "the consequence that flows if a burden of persuasion is not met," and the standard of proof, or "the quality of convincingness").
We find that on close inspection, Hannah's stories have the potential to outrun the interpretative paradigms that we might bring to them: in this case, authenticity resides in the convincingness of the performance, rather than in the integrity of the reporter or the verisimilitude of his report.
the Committee strove to sort out the factual situations or patterns that had recurred in class actions and appeared with varying degrees of convincingness to justify treatment of the class in solido.
[I]ntuitionism claims that the best way to explain both the convincingness and the persistence of certain moral beliefs, such as the promise principle, is to assert that they are self-evidently true.
'I am therefore of opinion that after one has taken into account the untrustworthiness, credulity and convincingness of most of these reports, together with the possibility of falsifications of memory facilitated by emotional causes and the inevitability of a few lucky shots, it may be anticipated that the spectre of veridical prophetic dreams will disappear into nothing' (SE 19:135).
Judgments of logical soundness and pragmatic convincingness as related to standard 3 component syllogisms and to enthymemes.
The following pages, behold, give you our version of the Biblical story, if not with the same poetic force and, I don't mean to sound pro domo, with considerable vigour, applied convincingness and especially with a new understanding of how the world by and large works today: hardly in black and white only, mostly in gray.
Ammons registers his sense of the cost of any more organized religion with a glance at Stevens: "if truth is colorless, fictions / need be supreme, real supreme with hot-shot convincingness / and lashes laid on lavishly for the doubter" (57.7-9).