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It is understood, however, that these time-frequency models are not sufficient to distinguish pathological oscillations from physiological oscillations and that they are prone to errors when sharp transients cooccur with HFOs [81].
Mental disorders and substance abuse frequently cooccur with about 50% of individuals with severe and persistent mental disorders reporting Substance Use Disorders (SUD).
VM must be differentiated from other paroxysmal disorders associated with vertigo that may cooccur with migraine headaches.
Research suggests that elevated depressive and anxiety symptoms often cooccur with both sleep impairments and chronic pain in youth.
Since CDH26 (11%) had a tendency to cooccur with CDH4 (15%) (Figure 1(a)), we herein selected CDH1/2/4/6/17 for further study.
This paper presents GOLink, an alternative tool for finding GO terms from across the three GO namespaces that cooccur with a given query term.
Many of the diagnoses presented in Table 1 are interrelated, primarily because diabetes is known to cooccur with numerous other problems including obesity, chronic kidney disease, and anemia.
Therefore, we used the current occurrence of balsam woolly adelgid infestation locations, knowing they cooccur with subalpine fir.
On the one hand, their stem alternant that directly precedes -ik cannot cooccur with the imperative morpheme, e.g., *csukljon 'let him hiccough', *kotljon 'let him brood', *hamljon 'let him be peeling'.
When mental health disorders cooccur with other medical conditions, this cooccurrence tends to reduce adherence to interventions [43, 44].