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n.1.An eating house.
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Smellest thou not already the shambles and cookshops of the spirit?
His father keeps a cookshop here by the Stone Bridge, and you know there was a large icon of God Almighty painted with a scepter in one hand and an orb in the other.
In order to avoid them, I took refuge in a cookshop, where tongues and sheep's heads were sold.
It was intrigue of some kind, Kim knew; but its worth lay in saying nothing whatever to anyone except Mahbub, who gave him beautiful meals all hot from the cookshop at the head of the serai, and once as much as eight annas in money.
The majority of households (93 or 71 per cent) relied on small business income, ranging from selling small bags of seasoning, oranges, or water to more lucrative cookshops and clubs.
This, I would argue, would be consistent with what Marx himself said and did, rejecting speculation about the details of a post-capitalist society as "writing recipes for the cookshops of the future.
3) Barbara Nichol, 'Melbourne's Chinese Restaurants, Cafes and Cookshops (1830s-1950s)', Chinese-Australian Historical Images in Australia, Chinese Museum, 2005 (last modified 2009), <http://www.
29) Although free blacks mingled with white laborers in South Carolina cookshops and taverns much as they did in New York City, they were not equal to whites in education, mobility, or legal matters.
The new bakeware, launched at the Spring Fair at the NEC this week and in advance of the launch of the Deliaonline Cookery School website later this month, will only be sold through independent cookshops for the first six months before being made available through major retailers.
The ghostly croutons make the perfect accompaniment to the soup and cutters of ghosts, bats, cats and other spooky shapes can be found in some cookshops including Kitchens in High Street, Cardiff.
The following recipe makes at least four portions, depending on the size of your ring moulds - the metal mousse rings we use can be found in good cookshops.
Marx's studied refusal to provide pictures of the future socialist society ("I do not write recipes for the cookshops of the future") was ignored as socialists came to see the need to show society as it might be, in all its glowing colors.