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A flat cooking surface making up the top of a stove or built into a countertop, usually having electric heating elements covered by a sheet of glass.


(Cookery) US a flat unit for cooking in saucepans or the top part of a stove



a cooking surface consisting of a flat sheet of heat-transmitting glass and ceramic material over heating elements, usu. electric.


[ˈkʊktɒp] n (mainly US)plaque f de cuisson
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Ariston will ship an electric cooktop in January spanning 36 inches with five elements, one utilizing induction.
Lefkovich says using a cooktop and wall oven instead of a range offers flexibility for wheelchair users.
To repair the burner issue, consumers should immediately contact Whirlpool to arrange for free installation of a replacement cooktop. Consumers are also urged to turn the cooktop off at the circuit breaker until a replacement has been installed.
For more confident cooks, Gaggenau has a full-surface, 36-inch induction cooktop that can determine the shape, size and position of up to six pots or pans.
The open kitchen has quartz countertops, 5-burner Wolf cooktop and dual temperature-controlled wine refrigerators.
With a full bathroom and a two-burner cooktop, plus a fixed queen mattress or a banquette that converts to a bed for two, the Nest puts every inch of its roughly 112 square feet to good use.
Planning your kitchen with countertop areas adjacent to the refrigerator, sink and cooktop will provide adequate space for preparation and safe handling of large, hot or heavy items while preparing, cooking and cleaning.
You can see electromagnetism in action every day in the electric cooktop in your kitchen.
The catch is that once I bring up the pressure, I have to remove the cooker to a conventional stove because this cooktop does not have a Watt setting that will hold the pressure where I need it.
3| The Wolf induction cooktop ($1,295-$2,795) is all about performance.
One such technology is the induction cooktop. The folks at Meralco recommend this for its energy-saving qualities and for safety considerations.