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A flat cooking surface making up the top of a stove or built into a countertop, usually having electric heating elements covered by a sheet of glass.


(Cookery) US a flat unit for cooking in saucepans or the top part of a stove



a cooking surface consisting of a flat sheet of heat-transmitting glass and ceramic material over heating elements, usu. electric.


[ˈkʊktɒp] n (mainly US)plaque f de cuisson
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The Professional Series includes built-in ovens, drop-in cooktops and range tops.
the industry leader in premium cooking equipment, introduces enhancements to its line of induction cooktops as part of its largest product rollout in company history.
Amir Girgis, managing director at Diva de Provence, said that induction cooktops are generally available at 30- and 36-inch sizes.
The new site draws its name from the high-speed performance of induction cooktops, which can boil a quart of water in approximately 101 seconds while remaining comfortably cool to the touch, making them faster, more efficient and safer than gas or electric.
YesterTec is the Only Company on the Planet that has addressed this safety issue by developing patented, Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listed technology that allows the 'hot' appliances like ovens and cooktops to be safely concealed when they are not in use.
Both objections are being overcome as ferrous cookware is more popular, and induction cooktops have dropped to $1,500 or less as upscale cooking appliances have exceeded that.
Offering a complete line of luxury kitchen appliances, which includes wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, dishwashers, warming drawers, microwaves, ventilation hoods, refrigerators, wine storage and outdoor appliances, the company also features an affordable line of designer appliances to bring the luxury of Dacor to a broader range of consumers.
July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Jenn-Air brand's new low-profile, 5-burner gas cooktops, including a 36-inch model with the most powerful burner in its collection, are now available at luxury appliance retailers nationwide.
This latest attempt comes from the likes of Viking, Kenmore and Wolf, a formidable lineup to promote these cooktops.
We are expanding our extremely popular GE Cafe line into built-in wall ovens and cooktops to give consumers even more options," says Larry Muennich, merchandising specialist for Cooking.
March 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The brand that has been revolutionizing ways to keep the air clear in the kitchen since inventing downdraft ventilation technology in 1961 is expanding its ventilation collection with new updraft models that can handle the powerful BTUs found on cooktops in today's high end kitchens.
Product highlights included GE's walk-in wine cooler; KitchenAid's clear coating on steel cooktops and a $7,000 laundry pair; LG's dishwasher; Sharp's drawer microwave and steam oven; and Viking's sealed burners and heated-glass high shelf.