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A smooth-coated hound of any of various breeds developed in the southeast United States to hunt raccoons.


(Breeds) another name for raccoon dog2



a hound of any of several breeds developed esp. for hunting raccoons.
[1915–20, Amer.]
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Noun1.coonhound - any of several breeds of hound developed for hunting raccoons
hound, hound dog - any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears
coondog - any dog trained to hunt raccoons
black-and-tan coonhound - American breed of large powerful hound dogs used for hunting raccoons and other game
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Coonhounds bayed, the moon crawling from kerosene lamps.
Siberians, Alaskan Malamutes, Akitas, Russian Wolfhounds, Salukis, Saint Bernards, and mongrels--Greyhounds mixed with Newfoundlands and a dash of Belgian Shepherd; Labradors mixed with Coonhounds.
As fancy as his handguns were, the gun that accompanied him daily as igl he drove around the groves in his old pick-up truck or trailed coonhounds at night was a Savage Model 24 in .
She recommends turning the dial once for 1 milliliter per ear unless you're working with larger ear canals, as with Coonhounds, Spaniels, or Basset Hounds, in which case she uses 2 ml per ear.
I once followed coonhounds through a snowy, freezing night which was lifeblood for my hound enthusiast buddies, although it's one I don't care to repeat.
John's water dogs, water spaniels and even coonhounds are a few hypotheses.