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Noun1.coordinate axis - one of the fixed reference lines of a coordinate system
coordinate system, frame of reference, reference frame, reference system - a system that uses coordinates to establish position
axis - a straight line through a body or figure that satisfies certain conditions
x-axis - the horizontal axis in a plane coordinate system
y-axis - the vertical axis in a plane coordinate system
z-axis - the third axis in a 3-dimensional coordinate system
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In fact, the number of possible combinations of magnet orientations when 10 x 10 magnets are arranged in a square shape along a 3- dimensional coordinate axis is more than 77 to the power of 10.
Based on a Cartesian coordinate system, this paper prepared three-phase AC windings around each coordinate axis. A two-dimensional magnetic field vector was formed by electrifying symmetrical three-phase windings with symmetrical three-phase alternating currents, and the magnetic field vector rotated round its axis.
Since the PAI have no direction (whereas the coordinate axis does have one), the organ's posture varies after it has been positioned.
In this paper we find quasi-exact nonplanar solutions of the Coulomb equation of motion for the n mentioned charges such that the positive charge moves along the vertical coordinate axis and the equal n-1 negative charges occupy all the vertices of regular polygons centered at the origin located at different horizontal planes.
The rotation angle about the coordinate axis can be calculated via
This research concludes the graph of 3D and displacement variation on 3 coordinate axis of centre of weight.
Therefore, the first step is the allocation of customers into the map of the region at which it is considerate a warehouse location with the coordinate axis x, y.
* the two coordinate axis are drawn according to the characteristics that were calculated before;
As each fringe represents a contour of displacement, this pattern represents a quantity proportional to d[v.sub.i]/d[x.sub.i] where [x.sub.i] is the coordinate axis the interferometer is sensitive to and [v.sub.i] is the xi-component of the velocity vector.
In coordinated system of VB, measurement unit defining position along coordinate axis is called scale.
Three coordinate axis unit vectors can be computed by rotation matrix [sup.w.sub.T]R from actual TCP-orientation

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