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 (kō-ôr′dn-ĭt, -āt′)
1. Mathematics Any of a set of two or more numbers used to determine the position of a point, line, curve, or plane in a space of a given dimension with respect to a system of lines or other fixed references.
2. coordinates Informal Directions: Give me some coordinates so I can find my way.
3. coordinates A set of articles, as of clothing or luggage, designed to match or complement one other, as in style or color.
a. Of equal importance, rank, or degree: jobs with coordinate responsibilities.
b. Grammar Having equal syntactic status; not subordinate: coordinate phrases.
2. Mathematics Of or based on a system of coordinates.
3. Of or relating to a university in which men and women are taught by the same faculty but in single-sex classes or on single-sex campuses.
v. (-āt′) co·or·di·nat·ed, co·or·di·nat·ing, co·or·di·nates
1. To cause to work or function in a common action or effort: coordinating the moving parts of a machine.
2. To make harmonious; harmonize: coordinate the colors of a design.
3. Grammar To link (syntactic units) at an equal level.
1. To work or function together harmoniously: a nursing staff that coordinates smoothly.
2. To form a harmonious combination; match: shoes that coordinate with the rest of the outfit.

co·or′di·nate·ly (-ĭt-lē) adv.
co·or′di·nate·ness (-ĭt-nĭs) n.
co·or′di·na′tive adj.
co·or′di·na′tor n.




1. well organized
2. with colours and patterns that match or look good together
3. able to control parts of the body so they work effectively together
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Adj.1.coordinated - operating as a unitcoordinated - operating as a unit; "a unified utility system"; "a coordinated program"
integrated - formed into a whole or introduced into another entity; "a more closely integrated economic and political system"- Dwight D.Eisenhower; "an integrated Europe"
2.coordinated - being dexterous in the use of more than one set of muscle movements; "she was usually good with her hands and well coordinated"- Mary McCarthy
adroit - quick or skillful or adept in action or thought; "an exceptionally adroit pianist"; "an adroit technician"; "his adroit replies to hecklers won him many followers"; "an adroit negotiator"
3.coordinated - intentionally matchedcoordinated - intentionally matched; "curtains and walls were color coordinated"
matched - going well together; possessing harmonizing qualities


person, action, effort, approach, operationkoordiniert; to be badly coordinated (person)eine Koordinationsstörung haben
(= matching) clothes, designsaufeinander abgestimmt; colour-coordinated (clothes)farblich aufeinander abgestimmt
References in classic literature ?
He and the lions had been making so much noise that neither could hear anything above their concerted bedlam, and so it was that Tarzan did not hear the great bulk bearing down upon him from behind until an instant before it was upon him, and then he turned to see Buto, the rhinoceros, his little, pig eyes blazing, charging madly toward him and already so close that escape seemed impossible; yet so perfectly were mind and muscles coordinated in this unspoiled, primitive man that almost simultaneously with the sense perception of the threatened danger he wheeled and hurled his spear at Buto's chest.
Little as we knew it, in 1876 we were mainly gathering together the plans and the raw materials for the building up of the modern business world, with its quick, tense life and its national structure of immense coordinated industries.
He, who was more delicately coordinated, more finely nerved and strung than any of them, had no nerves of this sort.
In Dearborn, Michigan on March 5th -- At The Arab American National Museum (In Their Library) Coordinated by the Poet/Activists Dunya Mikhail and Alise Alousi
Kerry, however, told reporters: "I think the critical thing is that all of the efforts need to be coordinated.
Tenders are invited for Nebraska Mobility Management and Coordinated Human Services Transportation Project.
ARNORTH deployed its teams as part of a unified, coordinated federal effort to support the local and state officials leading the response, said Col.
Andrew Stark, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Plans (G5), who has successfully outlined, planned and coordinated with the U.
Our twin objectives were to promote coordinated implementation of quarantine measures by the several local military and civilian agencies and jurisdictions in San Diego County and to emphasize initial decisions that encouraged voluntary compliance.
Coordinated terrorist assaults include elements that occur simultaneously or nearly so and are conducted by a single terrorist organization or jointly by sympathetic groups.
A coordinated fundraising effort is necessary to channel the generosity of Canadians so as to reach the intended beneficiaries quickly and in the most efficient manner possible.
If enterprise risk management is the goal and the two primary sources of income and profit for an insurer are premium and investments, how can the sales and investment strategies be coordinated without sub-optimizing the results of one or both?

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