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 (kō-ôr′dn-ĭt, -āt′)
1. Mathematics Any of a set of two or more numbers used to determine the position of a point, line, curve, or plane in a space of a given dimension with respect to a system of lines or other fixed references.
2. coordinates Informal Directions: Give me some coordinates so I can find my way.
3. coordinates A set of articles, as of clothing or luggage, designed to match or complement one other, as in style or color.
a. Of equal importance, rank, or degree: jobs with coordinate responsibilities.
b. Grammar Having equal syntactic status; not subordinate: coordinate phrases.
2. Mathematics Of or based on a system of coordinates.
3. Of or relating to a university in which men and women are taught by the same faculty but in single-sex classes or on single-sex campuses.
v. (-āt′) co·or·di·nat·ed, co·or·di·nat·ing, co·or·di·nates
1. To cause to work or function in a common action or effort: coordinating the moving parts of a machine.
2. To make harmonious; harmonize: coordinate the colors of a design.
3. Grammar To link (syntactic units) at an equal level.
1. To work or function together harmoniously: a nursing staff that coordinates smoothly.
2. To form a harmonious combination; match: shoes that coordinate with the rest of the outfit.

co·or′di·nate·ly (-ĭt-lē) adv.
co·or′di·nate·ness (-ĭt-nĭs) n.
co·or′di·na′tive adj.
co·or′di·na′tor n.
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Adv.1.coordinately - in a coordinated manner
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The Book of Common Prayer, now used in the English Church coordinately with Bible and Psalter, took shape out of previous primers of private devotion, litanies, and hymns, mainly as the work of Archbishop Cranmer during the reign of Edward VI.
Cyp1b1-mediated suppression of lymphoid progenitors in bone marrow by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons coordinately impacts spleen and thymus: a selective role for the Ah Receptor.
"We continue to be very encouraged by the tolerability and antitumor activity of margetuximab with an anti-PD-1 mAb, an investigational, chemotherapy-free approach that is designed to coordinately engage innate and adaptive immunity for treatment of patients with advanced HER2+ gastric cancer.
Offices affiliated to the ministry should work coordinately to accelerate the activities of the ministry,' she said while addressing a view-exchange meeting at Shishu Academy.
Hyperglycemia repression of miR-24 coordinately upregulates endothelial cell expression and secretion of von Willebrand factor.
But it was Nabil Maaloul's men who really came to the party as they combined coordinately to register the only goal.
The QS systems and flagellin were coordinately regulated, as deleting fliC caused decreased QS-II activity.
Each proteasome subunit exhibits a distinct structure and specific function that cannot be substituted by the other subunits; therefore, the expression of all the proteasome subunits is regulated coordinately at the transcription level.
Furthermore, entitled the right to nominate the appointment of one director indicates JD's resolution to develop coordinately with the Group.
* AcKeyGen(PP, S[K.sub.init,1], S[K.sub.init ,2], id) [right arrow] {S[K.sub.ulti ,1], S[K.sub.ulti2], C[K.sub.ulti]} : The accountable key generation algorithm is coordinately run by the key authority, the PHR cloud, and a PHR receiver.
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