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n. Slang
A body louse.

[Probably from Malay kutu.]


(Animals) US and NZ a slang name for the body louse. Also called (NZ): kutu See louse1
[C20: perhaps from Malay or Māori kutu louse]


(ˈku ti)

n. Informal.
a body louse.
[1910–15; perhaps < Malay kutu]


Colloquial for head louse.
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Noun1.Cootie - a parasitic louse that infests the body of human beingscootie - a parasitic louse that infests the body of human beings
louse, sucking louse - wingless usually flattened bloodsucking insect parasitic on warm-blooded animals
genus Pediculus, Pediculus - type genus of Pediculidae: true lice infecting humans


n (US inf) → Laus f
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50) A small, serene figure of The Virgin of Guadalupe presided over the living room, guarded by a ring of plastic cootie toys.
To set out the individual performers of the band would be pointless, for each is a top-class jazzman in his own right, but a word of praise should go to trumpeter Ray Nance, whose muted work must have reminded Ellington followers of the great Cootie Williams.
While his parents wanted a career for him as a concertizing classical pianist, his equally prominent jazz impulses--inspired by the likes of Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson, Fats Waller, Mary Lou Williams, and Thelonious Monk--won out, and by his teenage years, Powell was a notable fixture at jam sessions at Minton's in Harlem and eventually earned a prominent position in Cootie Williams's orchestra.
One night in early 1945, while he was a member of Cootie Williams's band, he was arrested for being publicly drunk, in the course of which he was beaten around the head with a police blackjack.
These are games children have played forever: dodgeball, stickball, jacks, hink pink, telephone, how to make a cootie catcher and shadow hand puppets, string and yo-yo tricks, capture the flag, ghosts in the graveyard, tiddlywinks and much, much more.
A children's mystery chapter book with illustrations and origami instructions, this third volume in an extremely popular series for middle schoolers, "The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee: An Origami Yoda Book", encases the funny antics of the Fortune Wookiee (also known as the cootie catcher), a paper fortune teller who resembles Chewbacca, sent to the kids of McQuarrie Middle School by madcap student Dwight, former accomplice now transferred to a new school to help him act more "normal.
When they were young they called it cooties, and they'd refuse to give me the cootie shot; as their knowledge increased, they'd blame it on bacteria, or some plague they heard about in history class.
with the VFW's Military Order of the Cootie, and AMVETS
Henrietta's first cousin Cootie puts the entire remarkable HeLa history in stark relief: "Nobody round here never understood how she dead and that thing still livin,.
We sat along the fence and told fortunes with paper we folded into cootie catchers.
I define this ultimate mental cootie as "the state of mind that allows fear, doubt, indecision, anxious thoughts and desperation to flourish.
I'll pray for you" means, basically, that you have cooties and they're offering to ask for cootie removal on your behalf, because obviously there's something wrong with you and your family or you wouldn't have the cooties in the first place.