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One of two or more persons sharing an inheritance; a joint heir. Also called parcener.


(Law) law a person who inherits an estate as coheir with others. Also called: parcener


(koʊˈpɑr sə nər)

a joint heir.
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Failing to secure its historical interests in a provision of the punishing, subsequently rescinded, Brest-Litovsk Pact has saddled Russia with a residual status as a coparcener over territory historically and psychologically regarded as belonging to it.
The unity of time that is present in a joint tenancy is not present in coparcenary, as when one coparcener died, her interest passed to her heirs.
roperties held by a coparcener in a Hindu undivided family and property held by a person in fiduciary capacity are excluded from the definition of benami transaction.
1988) (held that the "life tenant(s) may not partition the remainder," and explained that remaindermen "are not joint tenants, tenants in common, or coparceners.