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One of two or more persons sharing an inheritance; a joint heir. Also called parcener.


(Law) law a person who inherits an estate as coheir with others. Also called: parcener


(koʊˈpɑr sə nər)

a joint heir.
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1988) (held that the "life tenant(s) may not partition the remainder," and explained that remaindermen "are not joint tenants, tenants in common, or coparceners.
Again while three of the southern states (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka) and Maharashtra have amended this by including daughters as coparceners, and Kerala has abolished joint family property altogether, all the other states remain highly unequal.
The contrary rule of our earlier law, till Henry VIII, under which no partition could be compelled (except as between coparceners, who became joint owners by operation of law, so that the position was not voluntarily assumed), rests, no doubt, in reality more on the interest of the chief lord in having the services undivided than on this ground.