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A copayment.


a copayment


a small fixed amount required by a health insurer to be paid by the insured for each outpatient visit or prescription.
Also called co•pay•ment (ˈkoʊˌpeɪ mənt)


, copay
n. pago compartido.
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LiDORx[R] for pain management is covered by most insurers nationally and includes a mobile copay program.
Co-pays / Orthodontia coverage $10 copay $25 copay for ages 65+
Borisov said the copay idea could have been the right one, but Borisova made a mistake in announcing it before party and cabinet debates.
In other words, if the patient has only had 2 doctor visits in his or her insurance calendar year, the office is to collect a $30 copay for the day.
In return, employees receive drugs and supplies for free or at a lesser copay," Boehm said.
Her study of the health records of more than 93,000 statin users in employer-sponsored health plans demonstrated that higher copays were associated with significantly lower medication adherence, which in turn was linked to more emergency department visits and cardiovascular hospitalizations.
In the past, the plan has offered a two-tiered benefit, with lower copays for generics and higher copays for brand-name drugs.
The first three office visits, first three convenience care visits, first urgent care and first emergency room visit per year are covered with a copay, as are prescription drugs.
Who said that the copay will be 20%, it might be 30%.
Copays are now $20 to $50 in many plans, not the $5 they once were.
Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group (ALSCG), a leading management and technology consultancy, today announces the launch of a study to examine the effectiveness of copay offset cards to assess the attitudes and experiences of patients, pharmacists, physicians and payers.
Don't people with copay plans still have deductibles to meet, coinsurance to pay, and dentists to visit?