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A polymer of two or more different monomers.

co·pol′y·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
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of or relating to a copolymer
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The C=C band in HEMA and in PEGDA at 1610 cm-1 disappeared in the copolymeric poly(PEGDA-co-HEMA) hydrogels.
The copolymeric matrix of Pluronic[R] F-127, Carbopol[R], and photoactive drugs maintains the viscous and rheological properties of the hydrogels, enabling the encapsulation of the PS and its release after application to the skin.
Hernandez-Barajas and Hunkeler [13] reported an AM inverse emulsion polymerization, with an oil soluble initiator (AIBN), at temperatures between 42[degrees]C and 47[degrees]C, using a paraffinic oil phase and a block copolymeric surfactant.
Natural hydrogels constituted of dual kinds of monomers of which more than one is water soluble are referred to as copolymeric hydrogels.
Covalently grafted copolymeric PLA-PEG NPs were found to show less plasma protein adsorption on their hydrophilic surface compared to the PLA-PEG-PLA multiblock copolymeric NPs.
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