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Population structure of copper rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) reflects postglacial colonization and contemporary patterns of larval dispersal.
Species such as Copper Rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) and larval smelts (Osmeridae) numerically dominated catches for some months (Fig.
Copper Rockfish were also seasonally abundant, with peak occurrences a month earlier than Black Rockfish in May through July (Fig.
All together, the freedivers shot black sea bass, kelp greenling, purple perch, a China rockfish and one copper rockfish - "all in 10 to 50 feet of water right off Port Orford, near the kelp beds and offshore rocks and reefs," Cheesman said.
Fish consumed were king and coho salmon, quillback and copper rockfish, and English sole.
Abstract--We used scuba over fixed-width strip transects to monitor seasonal abundances of brown rockfish (Sebastes auriculatus) and copper rockfish (S.
In this study, we seasonally monitored the abundance of 2 demersal rockfish species, brown rockfish (Sebastes auriculatus) and copper rockfish (S.
The catch rate declined for most large species including bocaccio and chilipepper, and the mean size declined for several large species including chilipepper, vermilion rockfish, copper rockfish, and greenspotted rockfish.
The composition of the catch from the Ano Nuevo subarea, available for 1960-71 and 1977, is dominated by blue rockfish (49%), lingcod, copper rockfish, and black rockfish (Table 2) and is quite different from the composition from any other area.
Canary rockfish and copper rockfish from the "other rockfish" category were both consistent components of the Ano Nuevo catch, reaching highest proportions when blue rockfish were scarce.
Calico and copper rockfish, along with sharpnose seaperch, tended to avoid both sea floors with no beam present and sea floors where the beam structure was completely exposed (and the gap was significant).
Comparative feeding ecology of two sympatric rockfish congeners, Sebastes caurinus (copper rockfish) and S.