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Verb1.copper-bottom - provide with a copper bottom; "copper-bottom a frying pan"
furnish, provide, supply, render - give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"
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A whole fleet of copper-bottomed barques, as strong in rib and planking, as well-found in gear, as ever was sent upon the seas, manned by hardy crews and commanded by young masters, was engaged in that now long defunct trade.
It was the Glister, a smart little brig, almost a toy brig in fact, copper-bottomed, lines like a dolphin, a sea-cutter and a wind-eater.
The good ships Law and Equity, those teak-built, copper-bottomed, iron- fastened, brazen-faced, and not by any means fast-sailing clippers are laid up in ordinary.
So there I sat (we were still at port) and learnt what had originally fired my host's ambition to possess what he was pleased to call a "real, genuine, twin-screw, double-funnelled, copper-bottomed Old Master"; it was to "go one better" than some rival legislator of pictorial proclivities.
That would mean a 12-point deduction that would copper-bottom their relegation and leave them facing a radical restructure.
Look for pieces with high heat conductivity; for instance, copper-bottom pans heat up faster than regular pans, and cast-iron pans hold heat longer so you can turn the burner off earlier.
I've actually added a rider to my homeowners insurance covering my copper-bottom Revere cookware.
Copper-bottom pots are easily cleaned with a paste of baking soda and lemon juice.
His musical skits, such as his Germanic version of the hokey-cokey, pretty much have a copper-bottom guarantee to have the audience in stitches.
The Saints chairman had previously said on the club's radio station that he could not give any "copper-bottom" guarantees that Walcott will stay.
Mr Hain said the leaked memo was 'copper-bottom proof of precisely the abuses which have angered not just Labour Party members but people right across Wales and beyond'.
The two copper-bottom guarantees in life are that we'll have an uncle who pretends to steal our nose and that the only things we'll see at Glastonbury during festival week is rain, mud and students.