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A product produced together with another product.
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a joint product
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(ˈkoʊˌprɒd əkt, -ʌkt)

something produced jointly with another product.
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cracker operators are consuming more ethane instead of heavier feed slates, resulting in a reduction of coproduct production, including propylene.
214) that the coproduct of the objects A and B of a category b is a triple (A [??] B, [alpha], [beta]), where A [??] B is an object in b and [alpha] : A [right arrow] A [??] B, [beta] :B [beta] A [??] B are morphisms of the category b such that for every object X in b and every pair of morphisms f : A [right arrow] X, g : B [right arrow] X of b there exists a unique morphism [theta] : A [??] B [right arrow] X of b such that [theta] [theta] [alpha] = f and [theta] [??] [beta] = g.
In vitro antioxidant properties of pomegranate (Punica granatum) peel powder extract obtained as coproduct in the juice extraction process.
Biodiesel production from algae uses the algal carbohydrates but leaves a protein-rich coproduct that was readily consumed by California yellowtail and white seabass in feeding trials.
The main coproduct of biodiesel is crude glycerol, which before a highly cost purification process has a limited amount of applications.
Below we denote by [DELTA] the coproduct of a braided Hopf algebra A and by [A.sup.+] the kernel of the counit.
The concept of crossed coproduct appeared as a dual version of the usual crossed product for Hopf algebras and it was studied in several papers; see [7-9].
The only possibility is then to deform the Leibniz rule, turning the ordinary Lie algebra of generators into a Hopf algebra with nontrivial coproduct [8].
As of May 16, the country has 44 operating metallic mines-27 nickel mines, one copper mine with gold as coproduct, two copper mines with gold and silver as coproducts, six gold mines with silver as coproduct, three chromite mines and five iron mines, according to the MGB.
We endow the set of isomorphism classes of matroids with a new Hopf algebra structure, in which the coproduct is implemented via the combinatorial operations of restriction and deletion.
The oil reacts with the methoxide to form biodiesel and a glycerin coproduct; allow the glycerin to settle and then drain it off.