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coprophagy, coprophagia

feeding on excrement, as certain beetles. — coprophagous, adj.
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Noun1.coprophagia - eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food
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Other possible infection routes could take place through geophagia, coprophagia, and necrophagy, considering that these sources are contaminated.
His many colorful insults ("fomentor of coprophagia," "museum mummy," "creed-reciting, parrot Christian," "sourpuss," etc.)--so many, in fact, that a "Pope Francis Little Book of Insults" has been compiled online--are amusing in a way, if you aren't Catholic or don't think they ill befit the vicar of Christ.
A Eating other animals' poo, also known as coprophagia, is common in dogs.
(Jacky, leaked to the public by bootleggers, is shocking even by today's standards: it makes explicit reference not only to oral and anal sex, but to coprophagia.)
* Dietary (fish-based diets, oral fatty acids, coprophagia, consumption of other fetid foodstuffs)
Tilapia-freshwater prawn polyculture may contribute to improve water quality and coprophagia, increase the total productivity of the pond, and produce organisms of high value at low prices (New, 2002).
Coprophagia is a condition described as the compulsive consumption of feces.
Like Luther, who was extremely focused on grace and yet found his tongue running to insults, The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults shows that our modern "pope of mercy" has a talent for abuse that can tend toward the philosophical but also toward the potty: "self-absorbed Promethean neo-Pelagian" and "fomenter of coprophagia" flow out of the contemporary papal mouth one after the other.
Although coprophagia (the consumption of faeces) is often a behavioural problem in young dogs, it can also be a sign of a clinical disease, especially if Syd is quite sickly and gets diarrhoea.
The animals were housed in individual metal cages, which allowed the isolation of faeces in a lower container to avoid coprophagia. Rabbits were maintained under these conditions at least 1 week before the assay, with free access to water and chow.
The book does particularly well to note this last context, reminding us how rapidly obscenity laws were changing during this period and how extreme the book's depictions of, for instance, Brigadier General Pudding's coprophagia and Colonel Blicero's sadistic Hansel-and-Gretel fantasy seemed at the time.