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Feeding on excrement: coprophagous beetles.

cop·roph′a·gy (-ə-jē) n.
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coprophagy, coprophagia

feeding on excrement, as certain beetles. — coprophagous, adj.
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Noun1.coprophagy - eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food
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n. coprofagia, trastorno mental manifestado en la ingestión de heces fecales.
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Using the technical term "coprophagy" in place of saying "poop eating" may help you feel better about it, but the habit still is not pleasant.
During this time they were housed in single cages with raised bottoms of wide wire mesh to avoid cannibalism and coprophagy. Aqueous preparation of extract of C.
Care was taken to avoid coprophagy among animals by the use of net.
A newly released study offered up a new explanation as to why dogs often eat fecal matter made by them or other dogs, which is a practice also known as canine conspecific coprophagy. 
After the drug injection, rats were housed 1 per cage for 7 days to prevent redosing by coprophagy. On day 8, rats were housed 2 per cage.
The high coprophagy specialization in the Scarabaeinae seems to be related to the regular availability of mammal dung in the ecosystem (Halffter & Matthews, 1966) contrary to the rotting fruits and carcasses of dead animals that might be seasonally and spatially limited (Louzada & Lopes, 1997).
Rabbits have a unique strategy for making the most of their dietary intake: coprophagy. This fancy word is Latin for consuming their own feces.
In primates, oral stereotypies commonly present as repetitive mouth movements, lip smacking, tongue thrusting, coprophagy, or regurgitation (Lewis et al., 1990; Bourgeois and Brent, 2005; Bloomsmith et al., 2007; Hill, 2009).
This study has suggested that coprophagy and feed raw offal and meat to dogs may be responsible for finding atypical helminth eggs in fecal samples from dogs in the absence of an actual infection.
Although there is only one species of Toxocara in the dog (Toxocara canis), as dogs may also shed eggs of Toxocara cati due to coprophagy and as morphological distinction between T.
Dinesh, "Entomophagy and coprophagy in undifferentiated schizophrenia," Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, vol.
The animals were maintained in cages with raised wide mesh floors to prevent coprophagy. All the experimental protocols were approved by the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee of the UFPE (number 23076.013615), in accordance with the National Institute of Health's Guide to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.