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n. Informal
A helicopter.


(ˈkɒptə) or


(Aeronautics) informal short for helicopter


(ˈkɒp tər)

a helicopter.
[1945–50; by shortening]


[ˈkɒptər] nhélico m


n (inf)Hubschrauber m
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Washington, Sept 30 ( ANI ): Roboticists from Carnegie Mellon University teamed up with aerospace experts from Piasecki Aircraft and Boeing to give a big copter not only eyes and ears, but also perception, planning, and control.
Stratasys and Survey Copter to exhibit at forthcoming Paris Air Show (17 [sup.
The system's uniquely comprehensive technical features include visible-light and infra-red high-resolution cameras integrated in a three-axis gyro-stabilised plug and play turret called the "T120", specifically developed by Survey Copter.
We, however, need to be much more careful during take- off and landing of a copter," Additional Director General of Police ( Anti- Maoist Operation) R.
Fifteen contestants 18 years and older will have the opportunity to drop Turkey Sliders from the Crave Copter, White Castle's branded drone, onto various targets displayed on a Thanksgiving-themed table.
Strap on the cans, balance your copter, and you're ready to go hog wild.
The Mil Mi-8 copter with 13 passengers and three crew members on board fell in the Sea of Okhotsk on Saturday afternoon, an official with the Russian emergencies ministry said.
Details about how the copter flight was tracked emerged Wednesday as questions continued two weeks after the open-air copter -- described by its pilot as a ''flying bicycle'' -- landed at the Capitol.
It is a quad copter programmed to serve coffee orders on different floors within the A Lab building.
The drone copter will be a vital tool for our investigations," a ministry official said, "It will be used to ensure that companies are complying with the safety and health regulations throughout the year.
It was claimed John Butler, the father of Aisling Butler, below, who was killed in the 2009 disaster, went back into the mangled copter even though there was a strong smell of leaking fuel.
Priced at over 230,000 pounds, this bad boy can turn itself into a copter within 10 minutes of hitting the copter button as the blades unfold and starts whirling.