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n. Informal
A helicopter.


(ˈkɒptə) or


(Aeronautics) informal short for helicopter


(ˈkɒp tər)

a helicopter.
[1945–50; by shortening]


[ˈkɒptər] nhélico m


n (inf)Hubschrauber m
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On seeing the copter landing, the local police and the residents of the area gathered at the site but police cordoned off the area.
KUWAIT, Jan 3 (KUNA) -- His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah made a phone call to Chief of the General Staff of the Kuwaiti Army Lieutenant-General Mohammad Khaled Al-Khuder, who encountered a copter accident in the city of Silit while on an official visit to Bangladesh.
KUWAIT, Rabi'II 16, 1439, January 03, 2018, SPA -- Kuwaiti Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday the safety of the army's Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Mohammed Al-Khuder and his accompanying delegation following a copter accident during his official visit to the Republic of Bangladesh.
Sharing a selfie in front of the copter, the Life Is A Rollercoaster hitmaker said he was missing his new baby.
The function was also attended by renowned film producer Syed Noor, Sky Copter films Director Fatima Kisat and American investor Jamil Ahmed.
Indian Quad Copter shot down by Pakistani troops at Aagahi Post (Pakistani post) in Rakhchakri Sector," Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa said in a Tweet.
Then it can be difficult to get the copter back to shore.
The drone, called the Loon Copter, is unique because it is capable of traditional aerial flight, on-water surface operation and aquatic diving and navigation.
The Mil Mi-8 copter with 13 passengers and three crew members on board fell in the Sea of Okhotsk on Saturday afternoon, an official with the Russian emergencies ministry said.
Details about how the copter flight was tracked emerged Wednesday as questions continued two weeks after the open-air copter -- described by its pilot as a ''flying bicycle'' -- landed at the Capitol.
The drone copter will be a vital tool for our investigations," a ministry official said, "It will be used to ensure that companies are complying with the safety and health regulations throughout the year.
In Flappy Bird, users had to fly horizontally between pipes, whereas Swing Copters YouTube video shows its all about keeping your copter flying up and avoiding the barrels swinging from metal frames.