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linking verb

Linking verbs (also known as copulas or copular verbs) are used to describe the state of being of the subject of a clause. Unlike action verbs (also called dynamic verbs), they connect the subject to the predicate of the clause without expressing any action.
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1. A verb, such as a form of be or seem, that identifies the predicate of a sentence with the subject. Also called linking verb.
2. Logic The word or set of words that serves as a link between the subject and predicate of a proposition.

[Latin cōpula, link.]

cop′u·lar (-lər) adj.


n, pl -las or -lae (-ˌliː)
1. (Grammar) a verb, such as be, seem, or taste, that is used merely to identify or link the subject with the complement of a sentence. Copulas may serve to link nouns (or pronouns), as in he became king, nouns (or pronouns) and adjectival complements, as in sugar tastes sweet, or nouns (or pronouns) and adverbial complements, as in John is in jail
2. anything that serves as a link
3. (Logic) logic the often unexpressed link between the subject and predicate terms of a categorial proposition, as are in all men are mortal
[C17: from Latin: bond, connection, from co- together + apere to fasten]
ˈcopular adj


(ˈkɒp yə lə)

n., pl. -las, -lae (-ˌli)
1. something that connects or links together.
2. Also called linking verb. a verb, as be, seem, or look, that serves as a connecting link or establishes an identity between subject and complement.
3. the connecting link between the subject and predicate of a proposition.
[1640–50; < Latin cōpula=co- co- + ap- fasten (see apt) + -ula -ule]
cop′u•lar, adj.


A verb that identifies or links the subject with the predicate in a sentence, for example, “looks” in “She looks very happy today.”
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Noun1.copula - an equating verb (such as `be' or `become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence
verb - a content word that denotes an action, occurrence, or state of existence


[ˈkɒpjʊlə] N (copulas or copulae (pl)) [ˈkɒpjʊliː]cópula f


nKopula f, → Satzband nt
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Predation risk increases during copulation, especially when pairs stay in copula for extended periods (Magnhagen, 1991; Han et al.
Copula theory [13] could provide an effective way of modelling stochastic dependence.
sobre la copula culpable trotaban jabalies y metian los miedos, de anchas sonrisas, con felicidad inicua--/ y engendraron un hijo arredro".
Copula method is a natural method to measure the correlation between random variables.
La copula se realiza durante dos o tres horas, durante las cuales el macho abraza con el pie la concha de la hembra y deposita el esperma, el cual la hembra puede llegar a guardar durante un tiempo prolongado (Estebenet, Martin, & Burela, 2006).
Otra cuestion de interes esta dada no por aquellos predicados caracteristicamente seleccionados por una u otra copula, sino por las propiedades distintivas de ser y estar, las cuales no solo explican las diferencias seleccionales sobre los predicados recien aludidas, sino que marcan contrastes significativos en aquellos contextos donde coinciden, determinando una alternancia libre pero no trivial.
Formalmente, una copula es una funcion de distribucion multivariada tal que
The proposed Bayesian network surrogate model and copula sampling are used for efficient reliability assessment within the optimization framework.
The description of this kind of constructions in Miina Norvik's dissertation seems a good start for a discussion of a morpho-syntactic nature--what is the status of the finite verb in this kind of constructions, whether it is a copula or the so called semi-copula/ quasi-copula or compound predicate, that is, to what extent we can talk about the level of grammaticalization of the finite verb.
In the present study we use a copula model approach for marginal distribution of returns in order to describe the tail dependence between oil prices and the Mexican stock market index.
The aim of this study is to introduce the copula function as a useful tool for modeling the dependence among failure modes of bridge system.
Formally, a copula of dimension N is a distribution function in [[0,1].