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1. A verb, such as a form of be or seem, that identifies the predicate of a sentence with the subject. Also called linking verb.
2. Logic The word or set of words that serves as a link between the subject and predicate of a proposition.

[Latin cōpula, link.]

cop′u·lar (-lər) adj.
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Adj.1.copular - of or relating to a copula; "a copular verb"
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mo ura tar d[epsilon]mma ISG.SBJ 3SG.OBJ 2SG.OBJ I.gave "I will give it to you." The possessive set me, te, e, etc., (10) precedes the head noun when used as adjective (e.g., me detar "my daughter," e [epsilon]sm "his name") and precedes the copular verb when used as pronoun, as in in kusa me-a "these shoes are (lit.
La causa de esta diferencia entre sitios es desconocida, pero se podria deber a que retrasar la actividad vocal para cantar en los momentos con menos ruido (mas tarde en la noche) puede disminuir la probabilidad de que lleguen hembras a copular, especialmente si existen otros machos en las cercanias vocalizando desde el inicio de la noche a los cuales las hembras detectarian primero.
Among their topics are critical freezing in small clauses and the cartography of copular constructions, the freezing points of the (Dutch) adjectival system, freezing: between grammar and processing, heavy noun-phrase shift in context: on the interaction of information structure and sub-extraction from shifted constituents, and an experimental study on freezing and topicalization in English.
En los machos inmaduros el reservorio glandular era muy pequeno, en los maduros antes de copular fue de mucho mayor tamano, y en los que habian copulado el tamano disminuyo (Figs.
The adnominal phrases supported by the agreement markers have been viewed apart from the forms of the copular verb ul'ems 'be', e.g.
Different sentence types in terms of verb use (verbal, copular, and non-verbal phrases)
Los carpinchos requieren sitios secos para descansar y alimentarse y cuerpos de agua para banarse, beber, copular y refugiarse de algunos depredadores (Ojasti; Ojasti & Sosa Burgos, 1985).
There are a couple of copular clauses ("I felt afraid," "Was it a cry against the twilight ...
Employing discourse analytic methods, this study explores the relationships between the use of agentive verbs (e.g., "selects", "organizes"), nominalizations (e.g., "development"), modal verbs (e.g., "may", "can"), copular verbs (e.g., "to be"), verbs of possession (e.g., "have"), and negation at the phrasal level (e.g., "not connected to the topic") and word level (e.g., "incomplete"), among other linguistic features of the performance descriptors in the rating scales.