copy desk

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copy desk

The desk in a news office where copy is edited and prepared for typesetting or broadcasting.

copy desk



(Journalism & Publishing) journalism a desk where copy is edited

cop′y desk`

the desk in a newspaper office at which copy is edited and prepared for printing.
[1925–30, Amer.]
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Kordsmeier's old job, primarily editing the business wire reports, will be filled by copy desk veteran Paul Sawyer.
In my first summer as a copy desk intern (electric typewriters were in use), I heard the managing editor engaged in a lively but frustrating telephone conversation with a reader that ended in an unsatisfied sigh.
The bottom line is that we will be eliminating a layer of valuable editing across most of the copy desk," wrote Robinson.
PROVIDENCE -- A union representative confirms that the Providence Journal has laid off 12 copy desk staffers.
Our copy desk made an error in judgment in editing the Sunday 2A Associated Press story about President Obama's trip to Asia and his place of birth," the paper said.
This was in the infancy of mobile phones, and I didn't have one, so I had to find a call box to read my story over to the paper's copy desk.
Connolly, who began as an intern at the copy desk in June 2003, cited Sullivan's writing skills, strong news judgment and emphasis on impactful investigative reporting during her tenure at the News.
Amy Verkamp McCarthy who started in 1999 and worked on the business copy desk.
Shirer's weeks of searching for work had finally paid off with a night job on the copy desk.
A likable night copy desk editor whose only rap against him was that blasted UCLA teddy bear on his desk.
It has moved to an integrated copy desk, and reorganised its newsroom to a hub-and-spoke layout.
At ground level, these concerns fuel another trend: developing ways to maintain reasonable quality control now that the end-of-the-line copy desk can no longer process everything.