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Noun1.copy editing - putting something into a form suitable for a printer
editing, redaction - putting something (as a literary work or a legislative bill) into acceptable form
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Arghl That cant even be blamed on the author; it was introduced during in-house copy editing.
"I wasn't given a reason as to why I shouldn't edit it anymore," he saysin an interview over ANC's "Early Edition." "When you say 'copy editing,'that's substantive editing.
In straightforward sub-editing or copy editing, though, I have a more hands-on role than I do in tutoring--I have contractual rights and obligations (primarily to the publisher who's hired me) to intervene in the text, to make changes directly, sometimes even to overrule the author's preferences.
Editors Triage, Initial Internal Review, Copy Editing
It's hard to overstate the degree to which good copy editing can improve the quality of a publication, and for 30 years, we've had an extraordinary reader scrutinizing every issue.
* Writing must be carefully proofread and free of copy editing errors.
As a journalism student at Henderson State University, he learned the importance of copy editing, the unheralded fact-checking, grammar policing and minutia-tending that was once a specialty at all but the smallest papers.
Jordan notes that people may be surprised at the amount of detail that goes into copy editing AMS journals.
In a Friday memo first published by, James Robinson of Digital First's Bay Area News Group said the company plans to eliminate 11 full-time-equivalent copy editing jobs, effective next Monday.
Before that, Parrish spent the majority of her career in newsroom roles, from reporting and copy editing, to travel editor and projects editor.
Changes to the publishing industry since the 1980s have resulted in nearly all copy editing of book manuscripts being outsourced to freelance copy editors.