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Noun1.copy editing - putting something into a form suitable for a printer
editing, redaction - putting something (as a literary work or a legislative bill) into acceptable form
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Contract award: editorial consulting market, creation and graphic execution, writing, copy editing and other publishing-related benefits, realization of illustrations and infographics, iconographic research and realization photographs.
Before coming to the Free Press in 1999, he served in design, online and copy editing positions with the Grand Forks (ND) Herald and the Kansas City Star.
Changes to the publishing industry since the 1980s have resulted in nearly all copy editing of book manuscripts being outsourced to freelance copy editors.
Publishing involves the development, acquisition, copy editing, design, production, marketing, and distribution of content through both physical and electronic media.
At the McClatchy operation housed at the Charlotte Observer -- which does copy editing and page design for that paper as well as The News & Observer in Raleigh and the Rock Hill Herald -- the entire 44-person staff has been asked to reapply for 36 jobs which have new titles and descriptions.
Copy Editing - The manuscript will be copy edited to review the style, layout, flow and consistency of your story.
I do some freelance copy editing, writing and editing grant proposals.
At last check, I'd been endorsed by 19 different people for Editorial, Journalism, Newspaper, Feature Articles, Magazines, Publications, Publishing and, most frequently, Copy Editing.
supply current and future news content or copy editors with 50 strategies organized around thinking like an editor, with tips on planning, analyzing, and assessing the story; working like an editor, including copy editing, presenting, and selling the story; and acting like an editor, with tips on corrections, credibility, plagiarism and fabrication, deadlines, and self-reflection.
The idea about teaching reporters to be editors is a valid adjustment based on the reduction of copy editing professionals in the newspaper industry.
He has all the tools - writing, copy editing, extensive experience in management, features and hard news - to be an outstanding sports editor.
Poor copy editing is apparent, and no rationale is offered for the excerpting of materials nor any description of the editing that was undertaken.