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A lot of people think that since they were good at English in school, they can copy-edit well.
The Editors are very grateful to Professor Delbert Russell who has generously permitted the publication of the text of the Life of St Osith from his ongoing edition of the Campsey manuscript on the MARGOT web-site, <>, and who has offered many helpful points on the revisions to Jane Zatta's translation, Professor Christopher Baswell, who read and commented on the Introduction, and especially to Professsor Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, who wrote the Introduction and notes to the translation and helped us copy-edit both the text and the translation.
Here's an example of the difference: the verb copyedit is used frequently in "The Chicago Manual" and is listed in its recommended dictionary; it is not used in "The AP Stylebook" and listed only as copy-edit in its recommended dictionary.