copy protection

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copy protection

Any of various methods to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted material on electronic media, usually by making it impossible to access the content of any of the copies.

cop′y-pro·tect′ v.
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cop′y protec`tion

a method of preventing users of a computer program from making unauthorized copies, usu. through hidden instructions contained in the program code.
cop′y-protect`ed, adj.
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In the ADNA space, Anoto will accelerate the development of the copy-protected patterns in conjunction with the engineers of SMark.
HDCP compliance lets users extend and playback copy-protected content on HDCP-enabled displays.
Furthermore, Mura's universal input support and HDCP compliance enable administrators to showcase copy-protected content from a variety of sources including digital cable, satellite set-top boxes, video streamers, and the Blu-ray Disc player currently being used with the wall.
Don't bother with the lesser brands; if you're going to get locked into one company's proprietary, copy-protected book format, you'll reduce your chances of library obsolescence if you stick with Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Additional DualHead2Go Digital SE highlights include new High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliance, allowing users to view copy-protected content on HDCP-enabled displays.
In addition, DualHead2Go Digital SE includes new High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliance, which allows users to view copy-protected content on HDCP-enabled displays and has been released in conjunction with DualHead2Go Digital ME for Mac systems.
With logos and any other data being printed permanently on the body, it will always be 'in the eye of the beholder.' The data written to the Flash Drives can be copy-protected to prevent mistakenly deleting valuable data.
The digital files, including interactive study aids, do not have an expiration date and are not copy-protected. Each license costs VSU $20 per student per course.
The app will enable wireless downloads of premium, copy-protected ebooks, as well as enhanced accessibility features such as text-to-speech.
The new QuickSync 4.0 software processes all common music formats that can be played on a PC and are not copy-protected. These include MP3, WAVE and various iPod and Windows formats.
Copy protection has become so unpopular that after years of insisting that all music downloads come in copy-protected formats, last year the major labels began allowing some online retailers, including Apple, Amazon, and Wal-Mart, to sell music downloads in the open [MP.sub.3] format.