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copy boy

also cop·y·boy (kŏp′ē-boi′)
A boy employed by a newspaper or broadcast news office to carry copy and run errands.


(Journalism & Publishing) journalism old-fashioned a boy employed by a newspaper or broadcast news office to carry copy and run errands


(ˈkɒp iˌbɔɪ)

an employee of a newspaper office who carries copy and runs errands, esp. a man.
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Though he didn't do well at school, Capote was liked by his classmates for his writing skills, and he eventually managed to get a job while still a teenager for The New Yorker, though it was just as a copyboy.
In the closing passage, the copyboy peruses his discarded papers and finds that he wrote about Shumann's crash in a style that was "not only news but the beginning of literature" which states that Shumann's competitor on his last flight was "Death, and Roger Shumann lost" (279).
In Basil, a song from his Tracker album last year, former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler, who worked as a copyboy at the Evening Chronicle (The Journal's sister paper) at the same time as Bunting was a sub-editor, describes him thus: "Ancient blue sweater, too old for the job Bored out of his mind With the Colins and Bobs" This about sums up the Scotswood-born poet's lot at the time.
When he came out in 1946, he went to work for United Press as a copyboy, applied himself, and over several decades rose through the ranks.
He worked as a copyboy at the New York Times in New York before moving to Worcester in 1962 to join the staff of the Worcester Telegram.
Painter, then 18, started at the Portland daily in 1958 as a copyboy and night police reporter.
Briggs outlines his progress from copyboy to head of a nationally renowned news agency with a practised deftness aided by headlines and hair-raising tales aplenty.
A 45-year newspaper veteran -- he started as a copyboy at The Blade in Toledo, Ohio, when he was 14 -- Maas rose to assistant managing editor in Toledo before moving to Virginia's Roanoke Times as assistant sports editor.
After high school he began as a copyboy and by 22 was a city editor, a career that conjures our country's most heroic phase of print media: dogged muckrakers, The Appeal to Reason, "His Girl Friday" and all the Lee Tracy movies.
Brady started as a copyboy for the New York Daily News, where he worked while attending Manhattan College.
SOME, including the urbane fellow himself, felt that his talents were not fully appreciated on the afternoon paper, which gloried in the name of the Reading Eagle, where he worked as a copyboy - running messages between newsroom, composing room and courthouse; serving editors coffee and breakfast, and sometimes assigned mindnumbing tasks of compiling theatre and radio timetables.
Jackson's journalism career, which started 39 years ago with a summer job as a copyboy at the old Fort Lauderdale News, contained two tours at The Herald (which hired him, he liked to say, to fill its ``crutch quota''), and ended with him directing day-to-day operations of The Herald's Features department, was enough to fill two or three r?