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or copy edit also cop·y-ed·it  (kŏp′ē-ĕd′ĭt)
tr.v. cop·y·ed·it·ed, cop·y·ed·it·ing, cop·y·ed·its
To correct and prepare (a manuscript, for example) for publication.


or cop′y-ed`it,

1. to edit (a text) for publication.
2. to work on (copy) as a copyreader.
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Verb1.copyedit - edit and correct (written or printed material)
edit, redact - prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting; "Edit a book on lexical semantics"; "she edited the letters of the politician so as to omit the most personal passages"
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While there he proofread and copyedited college-level humanities textbooks for a variety of academic publishers in the Boston area, including Bedford/St.
Papers are not copyedited until they are prepared for print publication.
newspapers, my colleague John Russial found that in only half of the newsrooms were stories posted online always copyedited.
Mailer had had my copyedited pages in hand for a couple of days and no one had heard any explosions.
The publisher Simon and Schuster, which is adept at selling books, has brought out this one with paragraphs that stand with single sentences, or at most two, or three, or four, as if it were a newspaper where the rule seems to be that all a reader will peruse in a paragraph is a one-inch composition, copyedited by a ruler.
Each of our many lists, charts, and factoids are diligently fact-checked, copyedited, researched, and proofread for accuracy and readability to ensure that material is clear, concise, and correct.
I had copyedited poetry, creative nonfiction, and even fiction (and certainly had long years of documentary historical and textual editing) so knew full well how meaningless and thankless the job could be.
They are an informal way to communicate, not a collection of polished and copyedited material.