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(formerly) n
a. a tenure less than freehold of land in England evidenced by a copy of the Court roll
b. land held in this way


(ˈkɒp iˌhoʊld)

1. (formerly) a type of ownership of land in England, evidenced by a copy of the manor roll establishing the title.
2. an estate held in copyhold.
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Noun1.copyhold - a medieval form of land tenure in England; a copyhold was a parcel of land granted to a peasant by the lord of the manor in return for agricultural services
land tenure, tenure - the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
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Although the legal differences between an East Anglian free- or copyholder and a Massachusetts landowner were of little importance with respect to the ability of the copyholder to sell and inherit the land and the fixed status of copyhold rents, the meaning of landownership differed enormously.
It was in the eastern counties that the tenure of copyhold took root during the expansive years of the sixteenth century, thus laying the ground for the emergence of the English yeomen, "a process engineered by the copyholders themselves.
PRUDENCE M DAILEY, Chairman, Prayer Book Society, The Studio, Copyhold Farm, Goring Heath, Reading RG8 7RT (tel: 01189 842 582; email: info@tbutlerpr.
Were the case but for a small copyhold, you would have witnesses or good proof to lead the jury to a verdict; and I am here for my life
32) Furthermore the manor court retained a prominent role for the administration of copyhold land.