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Mulberry Door served the classic dish coq au vin, as did Eiffel Kubo, which playfully renamed it Manok au Vin.
A bit leathery too, it pairs nicely with grilled meats and red sauce dishes such as coq au vin.
The French and Swiss-fusion menu consists of mini cheese fondue, French onion soup, tartiflette, beef bourguignon, coq au vin blanc, wild mushroom and celeriac tagine, apple strudel and chocolate and raspberry fondant.
Elwood Perez, Althea Vega, Deborah Sun, Jennifer Salvador, Cloyd Robinson For the mains, guests feasted on lechon, US Angus roast beef with roast rosemary potatoes, beef bourguignon stew, baked seafood in Mornay sauce, coq au vin, puttanesca rigatoni and mashed potato.
Pupils were given the chance to try out some delicious French cuisine, including escalope viennoise, coq au vin, and flamiche aux poireaux.
For example, that there is no better coq au vin - the chicken cooked slowly with vegetables and red wine.
When he looked at the chalked menu, he said, "Ah, Coq au Vin that was my father's favourite.
Does she decline coq au vin on the grounds that it reminds her of Chicken Little?
Tweeting a picture of the chick-en dish coq au vin, she said: "Afternoon Tweeters!
Garlic and chilli king prawns and charred melon and feta salad bring a taste of Australia, and there is also a choice of European classics including kedgeree arancini, and French favourite coq au vin.
Classic Belgian dishes such as mussels, coq au vin and Belgian chocolate mousse feature on the menu, with lunch, dinner daily and a Friday and Saturday breakfast brunch with French toast, eggs Florentine and assorted Danish pastries.