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A woman who regularly makes romantic or sexual overtures; a flirt.

[French, feminine of coquet, flirtatious man; see coquet.]

co·quet′tish adj.
co·quet′tish·ly adv.
co·quet′tish·ness n.
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Adv.1.coquettishly - in a flirtatious manner; "she smiled coquettishly"


[kəˈketɪʃlɪ] ADVcoquetamente, con coquetería


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He cocked a white wide-awake coquettishly upon his head - the habit of the lady-killer clung to him; and Esther had already thrown on her hat, and was ready, while he was still studying the result in a mirror: the carbuncle had somewhat painfully arrested his attention.
You can only think of Me," Emily repeats coquettishly.
But, being there, and having seen the boudoir so coquettishly decorated that it might almost be said the least particle of dust had but the moment before been removed by the servants; having observed the drawing-room, so perfectly arranged that it might almost be said her presence there had driven away the fairies who were its occupants, she asked herself if the glance or gaze of those whom she had displaced -- whether spirits, fairies, elves, or human creatures -- had not already recognized her.
Her merino dress, covering but not hiding the charming outline of her bosom, matched the color of the cap-ribbons, and was brightened by a white muslin apron coquettishly trimmed about the pockets, a gift from Lady Lydiard.
A round old-fashioned mirror hung over it, with a gilt eagle a-top, holding in his beak the knot of blue ribbon that tied up a curtain of muslin falling on either side of the table, where appeared little ivory-handled brushes, two slender silver candle-sticks, a porcelain match-box, several pretty trays for small matters, and, most imposing of all, a plump blue silk cushion, coquettishly trimmed with lace, and pink rose-buds at the corners.
She tapped him on the shoulder coquettishly with her part.
The fair girl shook her head coquettishly, and the other two urged her on.
A flaming scarlet flower was coquettishly stuck over one ear, and through a hole in the other ear was threaded a pig's tail so recently severed that it still bled.
It would take a policeman to do that, Trix, or a little man in a tall hat," said Fanny, slyly, which caused a general laugh, and made Beatrice toss her head coquettishly.
This picturesque attire set him off to great advantage; and when he had bound the scarf around his waist, and when his hat, placed coquettishly on one side, let fall on his shoulder a stream of ribbons, Franz was forced to confess that costume has much to do with the physical superiority we accord to certain nations.
window, Fanny laughed coquettishly and said, 'Did you ever see such a fool, my love?
The girls would coquettishly pretend they did not care or notice but always wore their most fashionable clothes and far too much makeup.