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I had not then seen a coracle, such as the ancient Britons made, but I have seen one since, and I can give you no fairer idea of Ben Gunn's boat than by saying it was like the first and the worst coracle ever made by man.
And when, at last, I shouldered the coracle and groped my way stumblingly out of the hollow where I had supped, there were but two points visible on the whole anchorage.
The ebb had already run some time, and I had to wade through a long belt of swampy sand, where I sank several times above the ankle, before I came to the edge of the retreating water, and wading a little way in, with some strength and dexterity, set my coracle, keel downwards, on the surface.
And that night, the moon being full, and all the birds asleep, he did enter his coracle (as Master Francis Pretty would have said) and depart out of the island.
And all the river down to Staines is dotted with small craft and boats and tiny coracles - which last are growing out of favour now, and are used only by the poorer folk.
Having both grown up in Carmarthen, a town synonymous with coracle fishing, the lifelong friends have always felt a huge amount of pride for their heritage.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Fishery Requisite Kits, Fibre Glass Coracle, Nets etc
The weekend culminates in a coracle regatta on the castle ponds on Sunday afternoon.
Meanwhile seven products are in the final part of the application process: Carmarthen Ham, Welsh Laverbread, West Wales Coracle Caught Salmon, West Wales Coracle Caught Sewin, Traditional Welsh Cider, Traditional Welsh Perry and Conwy Mussels.
Blue balloons and ribbons are still tied to the bridge, and candles continue to be lit in a coracle placed there, as a sign of hope that the schoolboy will be found.
The coracle sits on the water, rather than in it, and does not fight the cross currents.
McConnell must have taken the official coracle because the grand total for his travel bill was just PS131.