coral bells

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cor′al bells′

an alumroot, Heucherasanguinea, of SW North America, having drooping, bell-shaped flowers in coral hues.
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Ferns that top out at 2 feet are perfect partners for coral bells, false forget-me-nots, lady's mantle and mid-size hostas.
Heucheras are commonly known as Coral Bells, which refers to their delicate flowers.
There are so many plants that relish shade or filtered light that it is easy to become overwhelmed, but when making a selection, remember, the following plants are the sine qua non of the shade garden: ferns, hostas, caladiums, ajuga, impatiens and coral bells.
Also known as Coral Bells, they send up wispy flowers in spring and summer but the main attraction is the foliage.
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KNOWN as Coral Bells, heuchera begins blooming in early June and keeps going until late August.
Coral bells, or beuchera, are one of my favourite options and there is a stunning range to choose from.
Coral bells (Huechera spp.) are plants that earn their keep even when not in bloom.
Coral bells (Heuchera) boast 70 species, many playing a major role in raised garden beds, textured borders and bouquets.
- Yard includes a traditional double-loop wire fence; specimen palms prized in the Victorian era; profuse rose garden; lilacs; snowball tree and assorted coral bells; arbors, walls and fences covered with wisteria, honeysuckle and hope vines; and a sideyard sunroom with orchids and other exotic flowers.
When empty dishes were returned to the counter between the dining room and kitchen, more rounds filled the room, beginning with White Coral Bells and the Canoe Song.
Snapdragon and Coral Bells; the sensuous sounds rolled across her tongue, although she didn't know sensuous yet.