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 (kôr′ə-loid′, kŏr′-) also cor·al·loid·al (-loid′l)
Resembling coral in appearance or form.

[Latin corallium, coral; see coral + -oid.]
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The spectacular coralloidal flos ferri specimens are the "cash cows" of specimen mining at Dugupi-Maanshan.
The 1980 lot, collected in the "Rameles Grotto" on the Salsigne mine's 337 level, consists of about 100 specimens of pure bright white coralloidal aragonite, each one a flamboyant fantasy of rounded stalks, acicular sprays, and delicate frostlike growths; these specimens average about 20 x 20 cm in size, a couple of them reaching 45 cm across.
Calcite and aragonite are here in profusion, twisting in great snow-white helixes, ram's-horns, and coralloidal shapes; aragonite makes pristine sprays of pointed, thin, transparent-colorless crystals; calcite exhibits dozens of crystal forms, and composes brilliant bright red or lush green (cuprite or malachite-included) crystal clusters.