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Deliberate antiquarianism marks the various sections' names: "Intrada", "Sarabande," "Coranto," "Madrigal." Publisher Hubert Foss correctly praised "Summer's Last Will" for conveying Tudor life "in the reality of all its splendor and all its dirt." Indubitably Lambert--what with his wild terpsichorean enthusiasms, his extremes of pride and self-laceration, the ceremoniousness of his verbal thrusts--would have coped far better in 16th-century than in 20th-century England.
You doe not sing so well as I imagind, Nor dance, you reele in your coranto, and pinch Your petticoate too hard, y'have no good eare Toth' musicke, and incline too much one shoulder, As you were dancing on the rope, and falling.