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also cor·beille  (kôr′bəl, kôr-bā′)
A sculptured basket of flowers or fruits used as an architectural ornament.

[French corbeille, from Late Latin corbicula, little basket, diminutive of Latin corbis, basket.]


(ˈkɔːbəl; French kɔrbɛj) or


(Architecture) architect a carved ornament in the form of a basket of fruit, flowers, etc
[C18: from French corbeille basket, from Late Latin corbicula a little basket, from Latin corbis basket]


or cor•beille

(ˈkɔr bəl, kɔrˈbeɪ)

a sculptured architectural ornament, esp. on a capital, having the form of a basket.
[1700–10; < French corbeille < Late Latin corbicula= Latin corbi(s) basket + -cula -cule1]


A sculpture of a basket of fruit or flowers, used as an architectural ornament.
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That was the reason why I left my Chateau du Vallon near Corbeil, and came to my estate, Bracieux.
Finally, we have waited in a roadside inn, not far from the gate of the chateau, for the departure of Monsieur de Marquet, the magistrate of Corbeil.
In the first place, very good wages, to which were attached, and from which hung, like extra bunches of grapes on his vine, the revenues of the civil and criminal registries of the provostship, plus the civil and criminal revenues of the tribunals of Embas of the Châtelet, without reckoning some little toll from the bridges of Mantes and of Corbeil, and the profits on the craft of Shagreen-makers of Paris, on the corders of firewood and the measurers of salt.
Patrick's Day, as lore has it, venturing annually to the Corbeil home, where the family awoke Wednesday to find their cereal milk green as a shamrock, garments swinging from the ceiling fan and their pet terrier sporting green fur.