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 (kôr′bə-lĭng, -bĕl′-)
An overlapping arrangement of bricks or stones in which each course extends farther out from the vertical of the wall than the course below.


(ˈkɔr bə lɪŋ)

1. the construction of corbels.
2. a system of corbels.
3. a stepped arrangement of stones or bricks, with each course projecting beyond the one below.
Also, esp. Brit.,cor′bel•ling.
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Designed as a seven-story building with a nine-story addition several years later by the German-born architect Albert Wagner, the building features arches of varying widths within bays of equal width, cast-iron window framing, statuary and entrance gates, and a cornice of elaborately patterned brickwork and corbeling topped by a brownstone course.