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1. Tied or bound with cords.
2. Furnished with or made of cords.
3. Ribbed or twilled: a corded bedspread.
4. Stacked in cords: corded firewood.


1. bound or fastened with cord
2. (Textiles) (of a fabric) ribbed
3. (Zoology) (of muscles) standing out like cords


(ˈkɔr dɪd)

1. furnished with, made of, or in the form of cords.
2. ribbed, as a fabric.
3. bound with cords.
4. (of wood) stacked up in cords.
5. stringy or ribbed in appearance.
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Adj.1.corded - of textilescorded - of textiles; having parallel raised lines
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"


adj (= ribbed)gerippt
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Now, with his thick and somewhat bowed legs stretched in front of the blaze, his green jerkin thrown open, and a great quart pot held in his corded fist, he looked the picture of comfort and of good-fellowship.
The Window Covering Safety Council is reminding parents of potential window-cord dangers and urging them to replace or retrofit corded blinds, shades, and drapes purchased before 2001 with today's safer products.