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Any of several perennial coastal grasses of the genus Spartina, some of which form colonies in salt marshes.


(Plants) a coarse perennial grass of the genus Spartina, characteristically growing in mud or marsh. Also called: rice grass


(ˈkɔrdˌgræs, -ˈgrɑs)

any of several grasses of the genus Spartina, of coastal wetlands.
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Noun1.cordgrass - any of several perennial grasses of the genus Spartina; some important as coastal soil binders
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
genus Spartina, Spartina - grass of freshwater swamps and salt marshes of Europe, Africa, America, and South Atlantic islands
salt reed grass, Spartina cynosuroides - tall reedlike grass common in salt meadows
freshwater cordgrass, prairie cordgrass, slough grass, Spartina pectinmata - North American cordgrass having leaves with dry membranous margins and glumes with long awns
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A row of rooms and a small office with a crisp US flag fluttering from an eave faced a narrow, too-steep beach, half of it dirt riddled with sea oats, cordgrass and beach morning glory, half sand.
Tinker sat at heel on the bow of my 20-foot Jones Brothers Bateau, watching the cordgrass intently for any sign of movement.
We worked within 24 patches of salt marsh (defined as marshes exposed to 18-30 ppt salinity) composed of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora), black needlerush (Juncus roemerianus), salt meadow hay (S.
Rapid shoreward encroachment of salt marsh cordgrass in response to accelerated sea-level rise.
6-ha salty prairie marsh, dominated by Gulf cordgrass (Spartina spartinae), saltmeadow cordgrass (Spartina patens), and eastern baccharis (Baccharis halimifolia).
Invitation for Bid: Sand cordgrass planting at lake apopka north shore restoration area
All inshore coastline poses significant challenges for detection of and responses to stranded animals; the expansive estuary system has many remote areas and much of the shoreline consists of cordgrass (Spartina spp.
The organic matter found in sediment comes mainly from the degradation of species of the cordgrass Spartina, and from some protein-rich items such as small crustaceans, polychaetes, and nematodes (Botto et al.
Canopy architecture of natural and planted cordgrass marshes: selecting habitat evaluation criteria.
Nash Indian grass Spartina pectinata Link prairie cordgrass Sporobolus compositus (Poir.
pilosa in a saltmarsh cordgrass [Spartina alterniflora Loisel (Poales: Poaceae)] dominated salt marsh on Sapelo Island, Georgia.
The sport has an easy learning curve and big rewards with scenes of golden cordgrass set against the deep blue sky.