cordial reception

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Noun1.cordial reception - kindness in welcoming guests or strangerscordial reception - kindness in welcoming guests or strangers
welcome - a greeting or reception; "the proposal got a warm welcome"
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These officers said they would take it upon themselves to insure us a cordial reception.
When Miss Myers arrived, I was not prepared to give her a very cordial reception.
Toto, Dorothy's little black dog, also met with a cordial reception.
Playmore's letter of introduction at once secured him a cordial reception from the married pair, and a patient hearing when he stated the object of his voyage across the Atlantic.
Of a surety, senor, whoever you are, for I know you not, I thank you for the proofs of kindness and courtesy you have shown me, and would I were in a condition to requite with something more than good-will that which you have displayed towards me in the cordial reception you have given me; but my fate does not afford me any other means of returning kindnesses done me save the hearty desire to repay them.
Battius, however, watched his movements with a jealousy, still more striking than the cordial reception which the open-hearted Paul had just exhibited.
During our previous visit (in January), we had an interview at Cape Gregory with the famous so-called gigantic Patagonians, who gave us a cordial reception.
cried Flora, rising to give him a cordial reception, 'Doyce and Clennam what a start and a surprise for though not far from the machinery and foundry business and surely might be taken sometimes if at no other time about mid-day when a glass of sherry and a humble sandwich of whatever cold meat in the larder might not come amiss nor taste the worse for being friendly for you know you buy it somewhere and wherever bought a profit must be made or they would never keep the place it stands to reason without a motive still never seen and learnt now not to be expected, for as Mr F.
I was glad today to meet with Minister Moqbel, and I would like to thank him for his cordial reception.
Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, in turn, thanked the Kazakh side for cordial reception and stressed that the two countries have an influence in their regions.
and cordial reception amidst this lovely and joyful atmosphere.
In conclusion, he thanked the members for their cordial reception.