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 (kôr′dl-yâr′ən, kôr-dĭl′ər-ən)
1. Of or relating to a cordillera.
2. Cordilleran Of or relating to an ice sheet that covered most of northwestern North America west of the Rocky Mountains during the Pleistocene Epoch and that melted between 15,000 and 10,000 years ago.
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At the same time, he called on all Cordilleran to be adopters science and technology and innovations as driver of economic growth.
Cerro Bayo:Scott Manske, Chief Cordilleran Geologist of Mandalay Resources, is an Oregon registered Professional Geologist.
11 of Paleo-Indian migration and sites illustrating the main route between the Cordilleran and Laurentide ice sheets into North America from eastern Siberia, although no indication is given for a secondary route along the west coast.
While this language may be common to participants in the Pacific Margin NATMAP program, it is not particularly accessible for outsiders who wish to learn their way around Cordilleran geology.
Studious and understated, she seemed an unlikely instrument of upheaval in Cordilleran tectonic thinking.
1996, Geology of volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits in the Cordilleran of British Columbia, Canada, in Coyner, A.
is pleased to announce that the Cordilleran Nevada syndicate, of which it is a forty percent partner, has signed a lease agreement on the ground adjoining its Atlanta claim block in east-central Nevada.
Since then, several papers have been published on Cordilleran ophiolites, but their degree of preservation and size mean that they have had little impact internationally on the understanding of ophiolite genesis.
The iolite, garnets and other gemstones from the company's Slocan Valley Blu Starr Property were showcased at the recent Vancouver Investment Conference and the BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines Cordilleran Roundup mining and exploration conference.
Core from DDA1 will be exhibited at the Cordilleran Exploration Roundup in Vancouver at the Hotel Vancouver (Waddington Room) on January 28th and 29th, 1999.
1978, Interarc spreading and Cordilleran tectonics as alternates to the age of the subducted oceanic lithosphere: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v.
Pure' sphalerite from most occurrences in Yukon and the Cordilleran part of the Northwest Territory commonly contains 0.