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 (kôr′dl-yâr′ən, kôr-dĭl′ər-ən)
1. Of or relating to a cordillera.
2. Cordilleran Of or relating to an ice sheet that covered most of northwestern North America west of the Rocky Mountains during the Pleistocene Epoch and that melted between 15,000 and 10,000 years ago.
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A Palestinian oud player ended his two-month-long sojourn to Europe and Asia with two performances at the Tam-awan artist village and Kikan restobar over the weekend including a lesson in playing Cordilleran nose flutes from a well-revered local musician.
This year SM City Baguio presented a 6-foot wire sculpture depicting the Cordilleran cultural dance of pride and freedom.
The first ever Cordillera food fair dubbed as 'Mangan Taku' aims to put Cordilleran cuisine into the spotlight and boost culinary tourism in the region.
To kick off the celebration, a parade of Cordilleran men in bahags ndash with their headgear reflecting their status within the clan ndash with gongs of several sizes and other traditional wind instruments made their way from the lobby and the hallways, across the gardens, ending at the new settlement, where a tribal shaman waited on a makeshift stage by a raging welcoming bonfire.
House Bill 5343, which was authored by Cordilleran legislators, is now set to undergo deliberations in the House committee on local government.
forest stands, in association with Brunisolic soils, occur in the Carmacks area and farther south, as part of the Northern Cordilleran Boreal ecoclimatic region (Strong, 2013).
The majority of respondents in this study were from two groups of selected local Pentecostal churches in Northern Luzon: the Ilocano and Cordilleran Pentecostals.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], November 10 (ANI): A new study shows that global warming has reduced the mass of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet by half in as little as 500 years, indicating the Greenland Ice Sheet could face a similar fate.
Reporting on the Sierra Nevada batholith, Idaho-Montana, and the Cascades-Coast plutonic complex, they discuss Salinia, the mid-Cretaceous Oregonian event, cordilleran ribbon continent and westerly subduction, Sevier fold-and-thrust, Sevier hinterland, and the Laramide event.
Then, about 15,000 to 14,000 years ago, two retreating glaciers (the Laurentide and Cordilleran ice sheets) opened up a corridor to the rest of the continent.