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The use of a bio-sourced polymer for the shell aligns with the phone's eco credentials, and NatureWorks projects that for 30,000 cordless telephones, the savings which result from replacing conventional oil based material with Ingeo bioplasticare equivalent to 36 barrels of oil, a full month of electrical energy for 108 European citizens or driving the average car 75,000 km.
Cordless telephones may pose a greater health risk than mobile ones, according to a Midland academic.
The company has consistently introduced industry "firsts," including one of the first commercially available telephone answering devices (TAD), the first TAD with integrated cordless telephone, the first implementation of synthesized voice prompting and time/day stamp, the first all-digital TAD, the first cordless telephone with Call Waiting Caller ID display, the first combination telephone answering device to let users check their electronic mail and, with Modem Monitor(TM), the first technology that prevents the telephone from interrupting an on-line session or a fax transmission.
This mobile communications handbook includes technologies ranging from cordless telephones, digital cellular radio and evolving personal communications systems to wireless data and networks.
The FCC, in a statement issued following the ruling, said, "The commission's action provides manufacturers an opportunity to provide consumers a variety of cordless telephone choices to meet their performance needs.