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(Crafts) archaic a shoemaker or worker in cordovan leather
ˈcordˌwainery n


(ˈkɔrd weɪ nər)

n. Archaic.
1. a person who makes shoes from cordovan leather.
2. shoemaker; cobbler.
[1150–1200; Middle English cordewaner < Old French cordewan(i)er]
cord′wain•er•y, n.
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Cliff Kirby-Tibbits, who says he does not have a job title but is listed as the production director, said the company did not do mission statements 'and stand around with job titles' but the business cherished the family motto:For so long as there remains pride in craftsmanship, satisfaction in a job well done, and honesty in endeavour, Jabez Cliff will continue to supply the markets of the worldThe Cliff family has been associated with the leather trade since 1793 when, in the reign of George lll, George Cliff was granted his indentures as a cordwainer.
CAP Ventures will begin operating from its new offices at 600 Cordwainer Drive in the Accord Executive Business Park in Norwell, Massachusetts on May 19.
200 YEARS AGO: Whereas John Search and William Scarr, apprentices to John Smith, Cordwainer, of Moseley, near Birmingham, in the county of Worcester, eloped from their master's service, without any provocation on Tuesday night last.
BrainTree may be contacted at 200 Cordwainer Drive, Norwell, Mass.
The new office is located at 200 Cordwainer Drive, Norwell, MA 02061-1619.
We know all this because a textile expert has found that the royal household paid four shillings for a pair of boots to be made by the royal cordwainer Cornelius Johnson.
Cordwainer Smith's WE THE UNDERPEOPLE (1416520953, $15.
7) John Murray, a cordwainer, served in the Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess 1762 detachment under Captain George Brewerton.
van Vogt and Cordwainer Smith, as a student at Sacred Heart University she published a novella, Hitori de Aruite Itta Neko (The Cat Who Walked Alone), which won second prize in the Sixth Hayakawa SF Contest of 1980.
11] The practice of Heinlein and, as we shall see, Cordwainer Smith, suggests that this danger could only be avoided by keeping the larger historical narrative well in the background.
Address: 600 Cordwainer Drive Norwell, MA 02061 Main Telephone Number: 781/871-9000 Fax Number: 781/871-3861 Internet Home Page Address (URL) http://www.
Le Guin's Hainish novels, James Blish's Cities in Flight quartet, Suzy McKee Charnas's Holdfast Chronicles, Frank Herbert's Dune series, and Cordwainer Smith's stories of the Instumentality of Mankind.