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1. Wood cut and piled in cords.
2. Wood sold by the cord.


(Forestry) wood that has been cut into lengths of four feet so that it can be stacked in cords



1. wood stacked in cords for use as fuel.
2. trees intended for timber but suitable only for fuel.
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Noun1.cordwood - firewood cut and stacked in cords; wood sold by the cord
firewood - wood used for fuel; "they collected and cut their own firewood"
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The June rise used to be always luck for me; because as soon as that rise begins here comes cordwood float- ing down, and pieces of log rafts -- sometimes a dozen logs together; so all you have to do is to catch them and sell them to the wood-yards and the sawmill.
Anne was curled up Turk-fashion on the hearthrug, gazing into that joyous glow where the sunshine of a hundred summers was being distilled from the maple cordwood.
But there's always post-holes to dig, and cordwood to chop, and the climate's fine .
The Garn boilers are large cordwood boilers with integrated thermal hot water storage," Deering says.
Our commitment to living gently on the land is reflected through a director's cabin built from cordwood and clay, a garden, and cabin renovations using reclaimed materials.
If burning wood, use only dry, seasoned cordwood (dried for at least six months with less than 20 percent moisture), and always use a manufactured firestarter to minimize excessive emissions that can occur during the ignition of the fire.
The murderous Battle of the Wilderness was just getting under way and the war was still roaring on, piling up the bodies like cordwood.
The Valkyries, lumbered with the task of tossing around dead heroes like so much cordwood, were ably represented by Elaine McKrill (Gerhilde), Aviva Fortunata (Helmwige), Rihab Chaieb (Waltraute), Lindsay Ammann (Schwertleite), Mona Somm (Ortlinde), Laura Tucker (Siegrune), Megan Latham (Rossweisse) and Charlotte Burrage (Grimgerde).
and cordwood, Father with your pant-cuffs of smoke, I feel myself
During processing, he was amazed to see M1 Garands in a warehouse "stacked up like cordwood from floor to ceiling.
You can sell whole logs to a buyer, cordwood that you have already cut and split for the consumer or cut-up lumber.
Hundreds of caribou were packed like cordwood along a stream 100 yards away.