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Noun1.core bit - a hollow drilling bit that is the cutting part of a core drill; allows core samples to be taken
core drill - a drill that removes a cylindrical core from the drill hole
drill bit, drilling bit - a bit used in drilling for oil
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Sintering Diamond Core Bit. According to the experimental research on the ceramic composite components [7] and double-plate composite components [8], and by combining with the machining features of the bulletproof ceramics, the sintering diamond core bit used in this study is illustrated as Figure 1.
The next step in the process is scoring completely through the coating down to the substrate surface with a diamond tip core bit and drill.
Each core bit diamond tool in this category is created as per the exact requirements of the customer.
Unfortunately core was not able to be extracted from the twin of LM175 when the core bit and last rod broke free and was left at the bottom of the hole.
Time [t.sub.idle] starts to affect the service quality when the values of the are comparable to tidle and dominate the wavelength holding time for high core bit rates such as [b.sub.core] = 100Gb/s, as shown in Fig.
I have the power, Eden's apple, core bit delicious.
"The core bit is still really important because that bit decides all the new parts."
The design allows optimal water flushing and ensures the core bit is cooled.
Just before its arrival, an electric motor begins to rotate the drill string to drive the core bit into the sediment.
This model S86F core bit made by the Security division of Dresser Industries is used to cut shales, limestones, and anhydrides.
With the 3-inch core bit, drill 1-inch-deep holes in each 14 1/2-inch leg, on two adjacent sides, centered 7 inches from one end.